May 18, 2012

I don't suck at gradients!

I did this gradient mani, inspired by a post over on Makeup Withdrawal. I used one of the same colors as her - Zoya Arizona - which is the only orange I have ever loved. and I do mean, I LOVE IT.

Sorry for the less than perfect cleanup...
I did 2 coats of Zoya Arizona, and a coat of Seche Vite to dry it fast. I let it sit for awhile - 30 minutes, maybe. Then I used a makeup sponge (I bought a pack of 30ish for $1.27 at Walmart!) and I did stripes of each color I was using. So I did a strip of Arizona, then OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips (the pink color) and then Zoya Kristi (it's red, but it blends nicely with the pink) for the tips, just to give it more depth. Then I just patted back and forth across the nail, and it blends so well!
Then of course I cleaned up...
I am so impressed with this method, I'm already plotting other combos! I can't wait.