January 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning Update

Ive been busy with my spring cleaning to do list, and so far have accomplished:

Rearrange living room for better "flow"
Throw out / donate old clothing
Get M a dresser & "cube" bookcase for storage
Magazine holders, CD/DVD boxes to organize

It felt like I've done more than listed! Anyways, I managed to rearrange the living room on my own. I didn't have te patience to wait til N's day off. The only obstacle was that our flat screen was too heavy, haha! But we have so much more room and better flow, I'm glad I took he chance.

I went through our clothes and came up with 3 large trash gas full of clothes. We donated them to the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch thrift store, which is local to us and a great cause. I also donated all of my old pregnancy books and magazines (I had at least 10, no one needs that many!)

I also technically have a dresser for the baby's room, finally. I have to go pick it up, though, and paint it (I have big plans for that!) his clothes have been living in one of those plastic rubbermaid dressers and it's just a terrible solution, but we were down to the wire when he was born - with moving 2 weeks before he was born and having him 2-4 weeks early! So I'm trying to get his room into the shape it needs to be.

I'm also working on organizing other small areas of the house. I found an awesome magazine holder at Target for $1 to contain my cooking magazines (the only ones I don't toss or donate or give away). Other plans I have to organize includes moving all of the baby's outgrown things to our outside "shed" or under his crib; then moving a plastic Rubbermaid dresser to his closet to store my crafts, which will free up other spots in the house to be utilized better (like our storage bench/coffee table, which houses baby toys and photos and scrapbook stuff, but I hope to use it just for toys & blankets).

And, we got our new washer& dryer. Oh what drama... We got them in, and turns out the outlet had shorted, not our old washer. When I realized N hadn't tested te outlet, I seriously wanted to kill him! Ugh! So our landlord had to fix that. Then the hoses were leaking, so had to replace those (which took 3 trips to the store). They're finally working, and I love them! Definitely worth the hassle.

So, that's my longer-than-it-needs-to-be update! Sorry for no pics; but I'm posting this from our iPad, since my computer is inches away from being done for good :(

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