January 5, 2012

DIYs in progress & random updates.

I'm currently working on a couple of DIY projects for the wedding. First one is the (cup)cake topper inspired by this one on Etsy. I found a banner shaped wood cutout (actually, it was a lot of 2) on Ebay for $3.71 including shipping. I bought a wood burner, but something is wrong & I can't change the tips on it, so I have to go exchange it tomorrow; in the meantime, here's a pic of my banner, with the words "mr. & mrs." sketched in pencil.
Ignore my half-peeled-off nail polish!
I'm also working on a banner for the gate at our venue (you enter it to get onto the property). I want it to say "K & N Wedding" but I can't decide if I want it to be covered in glitter or moss :D So in the meantime, I went ahead and laid some thick cardstock over my laptop screen and traced the letters I need (only one of each) and cut them out. Next I will buy some foam board, and cut out all the letters I need, then figure out what I want to do from there! (The reason I cut out the letters in cardstock first is because it is easier to trace; foam board is thick so I can't trace anything onto it!) Here's my letters:

I also decided to go a different route for my favor tags (but not *that* different). I ordered 250 free business cards from VistaPrint, that look like this:
And I bought a corner rounder punch on Amazon for about $5.19 (which I have already received, but still waiting on my VistaPrint order). I'm going to round the edges, and then punch a hole to attach to the favors with ribbon. I was inspired by these gift tags on Etsy. (If you can't tell, I search a lot on Etsy to get inspiration for my projects!)
And in other updates:

  • I made a wedding planning website on Weebly (alliteration, much?) Kind of redundant since I have this blog, but oh well, it was fun!
  • Our invitations are going in the mail tomorrow!
  • I decided on our flowers for the wedding - white hydrangeas, mini green hydrangeas, and pink mini carnations. 
  • We *might* not be 100% DIYing our catering. Might get a local restaurant to do the main dishes. Decisions to be made.
  • I found out my FAVORITE BAND EVER, Cursive, will be in Florida on (and around) my birthday! (Which is 10 days after our wedding). I am so excited, it's like the icing on my (wedding) cake :P
  • I've been so stressed (for some reason) the past few days, I've chewed my cuticles so much they hurt :(
Okay, now I'm rambling. But I'll be back with more non-wedding and wedding related posts soon!

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