December 9, 2011

New Camera! & Random photos.

I was so freaking excited to get this today:
My new BFF - the Nikon dslr D3100!
I've been playing with it all day. Though, the fiance had more of a chance to play with it while the baby was napping, so he actually has a better hang of the different settings than I do! Anyways, here's a few photos we've snapped.

That last one is particularly exciting because... Our county finally sells wine! Until 3 months ago, we were a dry county, only selling beer & wine coolers. Finally it was voted to change, and I found a huge selection of wine at Publix tonight! So I grabbed the funniest one I could :P It's actually decent. I hate wine, haha, but this one is very sweet. I actually had a glass or two.

Now to finish photographing my nail polish collection, as well as other random things to experiment more with my new friend :)

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