December 2, 2011

DIY Christmas Wreath

Long time, no blog. Forgive me.

Anyways, after a less-stressful-than-I-thought-it'd-be Thanksgiving dinner which I hosted, the fiance and I were excited to kick off the Christmas decorating! The tree went up that night, even. But I will post my Christmas decor in another post.. this one is for the Christmas wreath I made for about $9!

I've seen this before in the blogosphere, but can't remember where. So I hunted down a tutorial on Pinterest, and then ignored half of it, haha. I bought a total of 8-9 packs of ornaments at the Dollar Tree (for $1 each) in different sizes. The regular sized packs had 7 per pack, and the smaller ones were 12-15 per pack.

It's so simple. Though, I should have glued the caps to the ornaments before hand - consider it a lesson learned. But all you do is bend a wire clothes hanger into a circle (needle-nose pliers help, and a strong fiance who doesn't have tendonitis like moi) and then start sliding the caps onto your hanger, arranging as you go. I'd do about 1 big one, then 3-4 little ones, and repeat, making sure to fill in the spaces so you couldn't see the wire or caps well. About halfway through, I ran out of balls (I had only bought 4 on my first trip). But here's a pic of it half done:
And then here it is all finished:

Lovely, isn't it? Though I'll probably have to make a new one next year, since I didn't glue the caps on, it will probably fall apart in storage. Oh well!

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