November 20, 2011

random update.

I'm still kind of mad about the PhotoBucket thing.. oh well. I should stop being lazy and make a backup, or pay for Pro. But I haven't been taking pics lately, anyways, I've been so busy!

Had a birthday party for my niece yesterday - Hello Kitty theme, so cute! It reminds me how much I can't wait til Marshmallow gets a little bigger, all the fun things he'll do! But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate him now. He really has grown and advanced so much this month, it's crazy. He can now grab his toes, and he puts anything he can into his mouth (and loves putting his hands in your mouth!). He can almost sit up on his own, he's eating some solid foods (so far he's tried bananas and avocados, but only seems to like the bananas) and we're going to give him sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we're having it here - at our little 2-bedroom apartment. Eek. It's really not so bad, it will just be me & the fiance, the Marshmallow (who doesn't count really) my mom & stepdad, little brother, and sister. I've never cooked a turkey before, or done a huge feast like this (though all of us girls are in charge of certain dishes so it's not all on me). I'm excited though, to start traditions for our little family - can't wait for putting up the tree & all the fun in December!

I've started dieting. And I'm cheating - I went to a diet doctor. Most people think it's wrong and unhealthy to get pills to help you lose weight, you should eat right & exercise blah blah blah. Well, first, I gained 70lbs or so during my pregnancy, and only lost 15 (9 of those were the baby!). I'm technically obese, and I've never successfully dieted in my life. I need a little help. And spending $100 on diet pills will be motivation enough. I need to be at a healthy weight, and in the meantime control my appetite until I have a better handle on the amount of food I (want to) eat.

So there's your random update, to the readers who don't read my blog :P

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