November 6, 2011

Sick. Again.

The baby & I have been sick for over a week now..
I had a very sore throat, and he had a runny nose. Which has turned into both of us with pathetic coughs and runny/stuffy noses. He had his 4-month appointment on Thursday, and apparently he also has an ear infection in BOTH ears! She said that having a cold like we do can cause that :( So now he's on some nasty antibiotics, but he seems to like the taste so that's good!

On the bright side, we found out our chunky baby boy is 16lbs. 15oz. and 26in. long! Getting so big :)

In other other news, our wedding invitations arrived today from Minted. Love them! They look awesome, especially with the green (they changed it for me, since the design only came in blue, pink, and orange) - for no extra charge! Such great service, arrived in less than a week!

Here's what they look like (this is taken from the proof they sent me, but they look exactly the same!) Of course I marked out the location, since I have sooo many stalkers, ha! Now I'm just waiting for our the business cards I ordered that have our wedding website on them (an idea stolen from the community at since we won't have any other inserts in our invites, except the RSVP card. This is what the wedding website cards will look like:
I'll be honest.. I did something probably not very nice - I used the proofs I was sent to create the cards. I copied the colors (hoping they print at least kind of similar, since these business cards are coming from VistaPrint) and the banner. I didn't want to print them and have them not match the invites at all, on plain white paper. Yes, I should be ashamed!

On the bright side, I'm getting 250 website cards, as well as 25 magnets with my Etsy business info on them, for $6.71 total (shipping cost!) on VistaPrint. Not a bad deal! Only thing is it's 21 day shipping o.O

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