October 31, 2011

Just waiting on my freebies...

I did not expect to get as many referrals on PlumDistrict.com as I did. And I did not hesitate to use that free cash to get some great deals... Was going to wait til I actually received my items to blog about them, but I can't! I'll just re-post when I get them.

They had a deal for HappyToyMachine.com, $25 for $50 voucher, and I had a promo code for 20% off, so I used $20 of my referral money. It's a really cool site, where you custom design a stuffed toy, using different body parts (dog, cat, rabbit, alien, robot, and a few more). It's 1ft. tall toy for $29, or a 2ft tall toy for $49 (which is what I ordered, since it was a $50 voucher). This is what the fiance & I designed for the baby:
His name is "Marshtron".
This next one was an even better deal. I've been wanting one of those personalized, handmade necklaces with your child's name on it from Etsy for some time - then PD had a deal for $50 for $100 voucher to TheScarletRobin.com, and a promo for 30% off, so I used the rest of my referral credits (at the time) to get this necklace - which of course will be personalized with Marshmallow's name & birthday & birthstone!:
The fiance doesn't like it, but he can get over it! I'm the one wearing it. Then last night I bought a deal for $20 for $40 voucher to Image Beauty for some nail polishes, and used another referral credit to knock it to $15. They have China Glaze for cheaper than I get them at Sally's, and they have Zoya and Essie, so I can kill almost all my lemmings (except from Essie's Luxeffects collection, but the one I want will be core so that's okay).

Now off to finish the Pinterest challenge I'm doing (the folks at Young House Love and Bower Power are having a challenge to re-create something you've pinned on Pinterest, by this Wednesday!)

Did I mention today I sold my first order on Etsy?? Someone bought FIVE bracelets! So happy about that! Now I can't decide if I want to save that money for the next Lynnderella collection, or to go towards the Nikon we have on layaway (our "family" Christmas present! for us parents, anyways.)

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