October 3, 2011


Today we had a BBQ, with the fiance's best friend & his girlfriend, and their baby Reilly - who is less than a month younger than Marshmallow! But he's so much smaller, I can't believe how chubby my little boy is :)

The "men" flew a Batman kite & grilled and we sat in the grass. The babies could've cared less about each other. The food was good - I made friend pickles and beer mac-n-cheese, and the fiance grilled chicken. The mac-n-cheese was awesome, here's the recipe. Later after everyone left, N, Marshmallow, & I sat around the fire pit (I just bought last night for only $30) and enjoyed the (rare) nice, cool weather.

I hope the weather stays like this - but being in Florida, it never does. We'll have a few days that actually feel like Fall, and then it's back up to 90 degrees. But it's nice while it lasts :)

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