September 30, 2011

Wedding mode!

I finally got a chance today to drop off the deposit for our wedding.
*sigh of relief*
I have been stressing about this. I know that a wedding is not obligatory, but it's something I want - small but fun, nothing outrageous, and definitely not something that we can't afford! So when our savings were depleted after Marshmallow was born, I was more than bummed, thinking I wouldn't have a wedding..
Then I remembered I had a box full of stuff that I had intended to sell - and the Mr. threw in some guitar pedals too.

The Wardlaw Smith Goza House in Madison, Florida
Isn't it beautiful? I couldn't believe the price (in a good way - so cheap!) The mansion is circa 1860, and was once used as a hospital for those injured in the Battle of Olustee during the Civil War. It's perfect for that vintage-y wedding I wanted. I love it. Here's a few more photos:

So, now I'm off to Pinterest to pin some wedding inspiration!

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