September 29, 2011

Headboard Headache.

I have been procrastinating on making a fabric headboard for about.... oh....
a year?

I am ashamed to admit that. I even have the fabric and everything. But I finally have a *vision* in my head about how I want the bedroom to look. So I get out the fabric to make sure it doesn't clash with the paint color on the walls (walls are tan-ish, fabric is gray and white) and I ask the fiance what he thinks - & he tells me he hates gray, and it's drab.

Seriously???? You've seen this fabric a million times and just NOW tell me this? Ugh.

I'm searching Etsy for other fabrics. But I don't want to spend the money. I'm hoping maybe once it's all said & done, he will like what I do - he has a habit of not being able to picture things at how they can be.

Wonder if he'd let me get away with this?
From Etsy: Here

Right now I have the fabric pinned on the wall to "simulate" it as a headboard. I think I like it. Of course this headboard will require a new white comforter... and for me to paint the dresser white... Wonder if I can get it all done in one day & surprise the Mister?

In the meanwhile, here is a link on DIY Network to the tutorial I am using (minus tufting, that's too complicated for me).

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