September 7, 2011

New Parsons Desk

So, I desperately needed a desk, the only problem is... I am cheap. Extremely cheap. I know in my mind how much something is worth to me and often this price is much lower than what stores want to charge me :) Not to mention, living in an apartment (which is obviously not a permanent situation) I don't feel like it is the time to invest in super nice, expensive furniture when it will just get banged up next time we move (like our dining table, which is less than a year old).

So, I knew with back-to-school sales I would find a good deal on a desk, and holding out for a couple weeks saved me even more - this desk was at Walmart for $37, and I bought it on clearance for $29. It's just a simple white parsons desk, which is exactly what I wanted. I knew it would be small enough to fit into our master bedroom without crowding, and wouldn't feel heavy and overwhelming because it's white. Here it is in the box:

(click to enlarge photos)
This is probably very similar to the back-to-school desks you'll find in other stores, like Target - Walmart is just easily accessible to me (1 minute away as opposed to the nearest Target being an hour away).  It was fairly simple to assemble, I did it by myself while Marshmallow was napping.

As you can see, it's easy. Insert wooden dowel into legs, and line up with holes in the top; then put bolts and washers into pre-drilled holes (you can tighten these with your hands almost all the way, and it included a hex key which I used to tighten the last little bit). Then, just turn it right side up!

(That is Isabelle the mini schnauzer checking on my handiwork!)
So yes, I simply reiterated what the instructions already stated! But I'm happy with it, and whenever I finish (or get to a good point) putting together our bedroom, I'll show it in it's permanent environment :)