September 22, 2011

Family Outing

This past Sunday we had our first real family outing, since Marshall's nearly 3 months old! We've gone to a restaurant before with him when he was much smaller, but he slept the whole time. Now he's a little bigger and stronger, where he can be awake while we're out and look around and seem interested. He is such a good baby, hardly ever fussy unless he's hungry (that's an easy fix!) and considering we were an hour from home, instead of 10 minutes, it could have been a huge failure!


We went to Valdosta & Lake Park. Bought some cute baby stuff at the Carter's store (duh!) - all in 9mo sizing, and of course he can already fit them and he's 2 days from being 3mo old! They're a little long but they fit his arms and belly! What a biggggg baby I have. We had lunch at McAlister's Deli (seriously, so freaking good!) and went to Old Navy (more baby clothes, and I got some comfy but slightly-fashionable sweatpants) and walked around the mall a bit.

I was nice to have some time together, and hopefully taking Marshmallow out at such a young age will make him used to it, and more manageable as he gets older.

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