June 14, 2013

Garden Party

Eek, nubs! I keep having terrible, short breaks on my nails so I keep shortening them. Sigh. This is another old mani that I did, and it's definitely a bit out of character for me. The base was OPI Care to Danse. I wanted a "palette" cleanser, and this was perfect. I also pulled out my never used fimo flowers and added the mint flower, and loved the color combination! Then I accidentally dropped the hot pink flower on so it had to stay. Oops! Oh well, a happy accident.

This mani reminded me of my Fossil watch case (is that what you'd call it? the little tin box that your watch comes in). I love the colors so I keep the tin in my office. A good match, right?


  1. I really like it. I am still scared to try the fimo...they just look so thick, but yours turned out nice.

  2. I love your nails. They are pretty!