December 25, 2012

ACC Day 24, almost!

So, I decided to use Lynnderella Undead Red (I haven't used it yet even though I bought it around Halloween) over Illamasqua Throb - as if I haven't used it enough this month - for my Day 24: Recreate a Holiday Mani. I was kind of cheating since I've never worn this before, but I wanted something to last through me baking two dozen cookies, fudge, and hosting Christmas Eve with my family.

with direct lamp light
It was hard to capture how sparkly it is, though the second photo does a pretty good job. I really loved this mani, it was beautiful and I'm starting to like wearing red (I think Throb is a great red for me, a lot of them turn berry or pink with my skintone!) Unfortunately, while shopping at the last minute, this happened:

Yes, it's a crappy Instagram photo but.. you get the point! It didn't hurt but it was definitely way below the nail line. It's been torn for awhile but I thought I was keeping it secure til it grew out, but I must have slammed it or something. What's weird is the broken nail part was so tough! It wasn't bendy or anything. Anyways now I'm wearing a fake nail that I clipped & filed to match my shape.

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