December 21, 2012

ACC Day 21: Water Marble

I purposefully chose Water Marble as one of the Advent Calendar Challenges, so I could force myself to try it! I ended up doing it twice, mainly for the fun of playing and learning, and also because my husband wanted to "assist"... it's funny how some things with nail polish actually intrigue him!

My first attempt: I used Illamasqua Smash as a base color, and Illamasqua Rampage and Throb for my marble colors. I should've incorporated Smash into the marble, because it doesn't show through at all. First lesson learned!

My second attempt doesn't look much better but I love the color scheme more! I did a base of FingerPaints Papier Mache (I hate it.. everyone else loves it, but not me!) and used Zoya Lo? I think (pink), Illamasqua Smash and Throb. It got messy, and the red & green bled to an ugly color but overall it was nice. I think I wanted more pink after yesterday's Candy & Sweets mani!

I have some photos of the water marble "process" that my husband took while playing with the camera, but I'll post those next week :)

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