November 19, 2012

Electric Flame

I never thought I'd love an orange polish, but I think 2012 has changed a lot of tastes for me! Today I'm showing you a new HARE polish, Electric Flame. This polish only proves that Nikole @ HARE is a mad genius! It's an interesting jelly orange, on the verge of neon and with a touch of pink, I'd say. It's just phenomenal and interesting. I'll let the pictures convince you!

with direct light
The iridescent glitters & pink shimmer make this such a unique polish. I wore 3 coats, but probably should've only done 2 (though you see a bit of VNL in the photos, I think that's just a trick thanks to the lighting, and also a bit of shrinkage from Seche Vite). I think 3 coats is making my nails look fat, haha! Anyways, you can purchase HAREpolish from Llarowe or through HARE's Etsy page.

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