September 10, 2012

Spin Me Round

Today I have for you Spin Me Round, from the China Glaze Kaleidoscope collection. That collection came out a few years before I got into nail polish, but thanks to a dear, dear friend I can show this to you today!

Please excuse the lighting.. I am still messing with the new lightbox, so I'll show you photos with different lighting.

With flash, too warm!

 I *think* these were taken with direct lamp light. I was surprised how the flash photos didn't pick up the holographic particles.

Larger holo particles - looks like holo flecks!

Off-center bottle shot, anyone?
So yeah, I know this polish is old news, but I love it. I never knew I'd love nude holos, but I do!

Please tell me what you think about the photos - too cool, too warm, etc...