August 14, 2012

Updating my jewelry storage...

So, for awhile now I've been using a simple cherry wood jewelry box. But even when we first got it, the hinge was messed up so the bottom drawer wouldn't open all the way, it was frustrating! But I dealt with it. Well, a few weeks ago, I managed to drop the whole thing! So all of my jewelry was tangled up, the mirror inside fell out (it didn't break though) and it was a general mess.

I finally confessed to my husband that even though he'd bought the jewelry box, I hated it. I'm the kind of person that won't use something if I can't see it. So I rarely opened the thing! He gave me the go-ahead to do something different for jewelry storage, so I did!

I had to run in to Hobby Lobby the other day for shipping supplies, and as always I browse every. single. aisle. because I'm in love with that store! I've always wanted to DIY something like this with fancy knobs and wood, but of course Hobby Lobby had one! It was $13.99 but wood decor was 50% off that week, so really it was $7! I couldn't have bought 5 knobs for that price, so I snatched it up!

 I also took this as an opportunity to purge some necklaces I never touch. Don't get me wrong, I already had a very small jewelry collection - I usually wear the same necklace & bracelet daily! But my jewelry (mostly cheap) is something I want to beef up, and this is a great start - seeing all my necklaces & bracelets at once will make me grab them more, and not let them sit and collect dust.

I just need to buy a new container for my earrings, now. I'm thinking a small acrylic box with dividers. I have a small ring holder from Claire's that I use for my rings, so really earrings are the only dilemma! But I already love having some free space on top of the dresser, I hate clutter!

What do you think? Would you prefer to DIY one, or buy one if the price is right? What do you do for storage, and are you like me where you prefer to see everything, or keep it hidden away safely?


  1. I've seen on Pinterest some framed boards that have the gridded holes in it for earrings. They look really cool and they are easy to DIY.

    1. I've seen those too! I love them (I tried something similar for a picture frame, once).. But most of my earrings are studs, since my 1 year old has a habit of trying to pull on them :/ But thanks for the suggestion, it'd probably be great for someone with a lot of dangly/chandelier earrings!

  2. I have my necklaces on a similar thing as yours, I think it's meant as a child's coat rack, but it works! My rings, earrings, and bracelets are on a metal heart that has holes in it to put the earrings through, and hangers for rings and bracelets...but it's overflowing and a cluttered mess. :(