August 17, 2012

Nomad & Mystic Gold

I have a problem.
I can't stop buying Illamasqua's nail polishes! *sigh* But I'm loving the formula.. Ever since a friend sent me Stance, I fell in love! And Collide, such a hot neon pink, is gorgeous on my toes and has been my pedi color two times in a row now (and probably the rest of summer, I find a lot of colors don't look good on my toes!)

So when I went to return my MUFE Mat Velvet foundation, I decided to exchange it for Nomad and also an Urban Decay eyeshadow single (in Shattered). So here's Nomad on it's own:

What's funny, I remember when I first saw Nomad, when I was newly into nail polish.. and saw comparisons of it to Essie T&C, and China Glaze For Audrey, and thought I could settle for For Audrey because it was "close enough" to the others. Yeah, right! Now that my nail polish collection has grown and nearly at 300, I see myself falling in love with colors that are "similar" but definitely not the same!

Anyways, I decided to try some nail art that I saw recently on another blog.. But I just can NOT remember who did it! If you know, comment so I can credit them for the idea! I had meant to do black lines to separate the gold & Nomad, but I no longer have a black striper polish! But it still looks cool... Here's 2 coats of Jade Mystic Gold (I used striping tape to make the V outline!)

Hope you like it!


  1. Ohhh, I want Nomad so bad! Have to wait til my next paycheck, though. :(. Also, I know just what you mean about some colors not looking right on toes...I tend to stick to bright pinks, and variations of, on mine.

    1. I'm about to do Stance for my pedi a 3rd time, I just can't think of another pink that applies so well and looks good on my toesies!

    2. **oops, meant Collide, not Stance!