August 8, 2012

New Lilacquers & Contrary Polish

Have you heard of Lilacquer? She is an Etsy seller who specializes in duochromes - whether it's top coats, polishes, or now - glitter! I just had to get my hands on a few of her new duochrome glitters, so I picked up Antimatter of Opinion and Schrodinger's Catastrophe:

Don't they look awesome? Not only is it at least 2 sizes of glitter, but also there appears to be a duochrome shimmer in these too! She currently has Schrodinger's Catastrophe up in her Etsy shop, and will be releasing more every other weekend! Seriously, you NEED these!
Blurry photo, sorry!

Swatches are: 1 coat Schrodinger's Catastrophe over Illamasqua Phallic & Cult Nails Nevermore (2 on left); 1 coat Antimatter of Opinion over Cult Nails Nevermore & Illamasqua Viridian (2 on right).

Now I have for you a new indie, Contrary Polish. The polish I bought from her is Bright Night, which is impossible to capture it's true beauty in pictures! I tried so hard to take swatch pics, but no luck :( Anyways, she does a ton of interesting polishes with shimmer, you need to check them out!

I love that the indie scene is changing a bit. Of course, everyone loves glitter & it's great to have a selection of glittery polishes that big brands could never give us; but it's also nice to see other indies doing creative things with shimmer, duochromes, etc, to fill in the gap of the other options that big brands aren't giving us!

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