February 9, 2012


It's been a long and busy week - went to Panama City to visit N's grandparents, bought a new PC (since my laptop is pretty much done for), N has been on vacation (aka, helping me around the house), and Marshmallow (who may be referred to as Moosh from now on) has decided to change his bedtime, on his own. Anyways, here's some nail polish pics, since it's been forever since I posted any!
Revlon Whimsical over OPI I Vant to Be A Lone Star, with Nicole OPI hearts
NerdLacquer Shiny, so glad I bought this!
OPI Fly from Nicki Minaj collection
A glitter gradient from awhile back
Julep Diane with Essie As Gold As It Gets on top
I'm going to try to take stash pics soon, fingers crossed. Or I might just highlight each brand, and what I own of each? If I find the time!
Did I mention my wedding is in less than 2 months?! eep!

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