February 21, 2012

I Shopped!

Exciting news, I know. But I figured it couldn't hurt to post the awesome deals I got today. I had planned on shopping for sort of no reason at all; I knew I wanted to stalk a dress at the Gap Outlet, as well as find dress clothes for Moosh for the wedding, and also some miscellaneous wedding supplies. My mom accompanied me, which made dealing with an almost-8-month-old baby much more tolerable. (I love the kid, but he can be a grump sometimes!)

Well, as luck would have it it was a HUGE day for sales! I suppose it's President's Day on Monday, isn't it? I didn't know that. Most of today I didn't realize it was Saturday, lol. But anyways, here's what I scored at the Gap Outlet:
this photo is more color accurate than the close-up.
Let's pause for a moment - I am in love with this dress. Maybe it loves me back, and that's why it's covered in hearts? I've literally "visited" it at the Gap Outlet 3 times.. but I couldn't pull the trigger on the $60 price tag. Ugh. Well I went in armed with a 15% off coupon for signing up for emails from Gap Outlet, and turns out most of the store was also 50% off, and there were only 2 of them left - 1 in my size!... so total, this dress cost me $25.50. (FYI - I think this dress is only in the Gap Outlets... it's not on Gap's website, and a quick Google search turned up nothing.)

Also at the Gap Outlet, I scored this shirt:
In case you can't tell - it's pink!
I had to edit the photos a bit to get the colors more accurate. This shirt was originally $29.99, but with my coupon & the 50% off sale, it came to $12.75! Holy crap, right? I wish I'd known they were having such a huge sale, I would've planned better (as in, gone by myself so I'd have unlimited time to shop :P)

The next couple things were actually bought yesterday, at Beall's Outlet. I think both were on clearance, though the dress wasn't marked as such. Also, the awesome thing about Beall's Outlet is that if you have their One Card (it's a points rewards card) and are under the age of 49, you get a 15% discount on Fridays. (Over 50 gets the same discount on Mondays).
Can you tell I'm a little dress-obsessed? This dress is by Merona, which is a Target brand. I was surprised to see it at the Outlet (though not surprised to see the label marked out with Sharpie, like most "big" brands are at outlets). This dress was marked $9.99 which was an amazing price. What's even better is when it rang up as 4.99 - combine that with my discount, it was $4.24.

And then there's this bag. You know what's crazy about this bag? It looks to be half the size of my diaper bag, yet I fit everything from the diaper bag in it! It's got a lot of compartments, which is awesome (and it's made from recycled bottles). The brand is Lily Bloom:
This one was on clearance for $9.99 (originally $19.99 at Beall's) and with my discount, it came to $8.49!

This post isn't even including the baby clothes I bought at Carter's, where the entire store was BOGO! (In case you cared, I bought these cute romper set, corduroy pants on clearance, and white dress shirt onesie; I also bought another romper with a whale print, but it's not showing on their site.)
& this doesn't include the 4 (or was it 5?) pajamas I bought on clearance for him last week. $3.99 each! So I stocked up for the next few sizes...

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