November 9, 2011


So what's going on with me right now?

  • Received my wedding invitations from Minted - LOVE THEM!
  • Waiting on my wedding website cards to arrive from VistaPrint.
  • Have now sold TWO orders on Etsy. I'm proud of myself :)
  • Waiting on my invoice for a group order I (dis)organized for Lynnderella's Funny Money sale. I only ordered Thank Blue though...
  • Speaking of Lynnderella, apparently her polishes will be sold at starting December!
  • Oh, have a David's Bridal appointment Thursday (11/10/11) while it's their $99 gown sale!
  • the Marshmallow can now grab his toesies and grab things and put them in his mouth.
  • He also ate his first solid foods yesterday - fresh pureed bananas & rice cereal! He loves it!
  • We are *finally* almost done being sick. Seriously.
  • We are paying off a Nikon D3100 DSLR camera on layaway! Can't wait to use it.
  • Working on Christmas presents... already.
That was a much longer list than I expected. Well, I'll leave you with some photos.
Eating bananas for the first time!
Smiling & talking to Isabelle!
Happy Halloween!
Helping Daddy play Fable, hehe.

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