October 24, 2011

I made some nail polish rings!

I *finally* received some ring blanks and cabochons that I like, not too big, not too small! It just takes forever because the cheapest sellers are from China, so it's like 3 week shipping! ugh! Well here are the beauties I made:

Lynnderella "Very Pretty Vampire"
Revlon "Blue Mosaic"
OPI "I Lilly Love You" over "Ski Teal We Drop"
Lynnderella "Connect the Dots" over China Glaze "Ruby Deer"
Hard Candy "Beetle"
Hard Candy "Beetle"

Hard Candy "Beetle" gets 2 pics to show the duo/multi-chrome it has. It's seriously gorgeous - they all are. Soon I'm probably going to be selling these on Etsy (gotta start saving for mine & the fiance's Christmas gift to each other - the Nikon D3100 dslr!) and I've also made some Pandora-style bracelets that are so cute.

It's nice to have a "craft" to spend time doing, when I get free time on rare occasions! I don't always have time for a full mani but I can paint a cabochon and not worry about messing it up when I pick up the baby!

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