October 21, 2011

Awesome deal at Bloom.com / Plum District

Thanks to Noelie's Nails, I've discovered an awesome deal for cosmetics / nail polish!
If you go to PlumDistrict.com there's a deal for $20 for a $40 voucher at Bloom.com (they carry tons of brands - OPI, Essie, Zoya, Aveeno, Sally Hansen, CHI, and tons more!) but if you use the promo code "fabulous" you get an additional 15% off, and if you use my link (below) you get a $5 credit.


What's great is that these promos / credits apply to Plum District, not Bloom, so you actually *pay* only $13 for $40 voucher. Of course you don't have to use my link, but you won't get the $5 credit unless you use someone's link (If you like Noelie more, go to her blog and use her link! I won't mind) :)

I'm loving Plum District. So far I've gotten 11 referrals and therefore a total of $55 in credits :) Me and the fiance bought the deal for $25 for $50 at HappyToyMachine.com, which turns out to be a cool site where you can custom "build" a stuffed toy (with a generator on the site, tons of options!) it's $29 for the small one (about 1 ft. tall) or $49 for the large one (2 ft tall) - and free shipping. So I cashed in some of those credits for this deal, and then Plum District offered me a 20% off code, so it was only $20 of free money. Can't beat that!

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