October 25, 2011

4 months old!

I'm on a roll posting tonight - oh well! If I have the time and something to write about, why not?

Anyways, *someone* turned 4 months old today! Can't wait til the 26th for his Pediatrician appointment to find out how much he's grown since his last appointment at 2 months old!

I will NEVER get tired of this photo! Last month I just could not get him to smile or be in a good mood, but this month his daddy was home and I was able to get tons of smiling photos. This photo is especially sweet because it's him smiling and cooing at the same time - a face that is very hard to capture! Also, this past weekend my brother & kinda-sister-in-law, and nieces came to town, and we visited with my grandparents and family.
Mommy, Marshmallow, his uncle Chase, and cousin Morgan
Mommy & baby (can you tell I love that hat?)
In case you can't tell (or I haven't mentioned before) my SIL is a photographer. She's done all of Marshmallow's photos since he was born, and all my photos ever (senior, graduation, maternity, and will be doing my wedding photos as well!)
Marshmallow with his uncle Wyatt and cousins Cadance & Morgan
So cute! Marshmallow's first Autumn
Seriously, I'm going to be so sad when Fall is over and he can't wear that pumpkin hat anymore....

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